Stories & Poems


Joseph Boyden, CBC Poet Laureate

Joseph Boyden and Alison Gzowski at Emerald Hills, ON June 2009 Good Game: An Epic of Miniature Proportions Alternatively titled: Reading the Green, in Order to Fulfill the Requirements of Somehow Tying in Literacy with Golf as Demanded by the Organizing

Jonathan Torrens – The Briars

The Briars, I hadn’t ever been here before, But last night I learned about Shelagh’s underwear drawer. As the evening wore on and people got “moister”, We sang along with Molly and danced to Prairie Oyster. I collected all the evidence, mostly cir

Golfing for Gzowski

(sung to the tune of “Waltzing Matilda,” the unofficial Australian national anthem) Once a jolly long driver sat astride his Yamaha, Under the shade of an old oak tree, And he sang as he sat and waited for a ball to hit, “Andrew’s come a-golfing f

2015 Bonspiel for Literacy

Poet Laureate – Bryan Mudryk Twas the night before curling… I was having some wine… Thinking… man those Frontier ladies are fine!!! I got up at 7… Grabbed my broom… And a beer… Hoping it would make my skipping more clear… I arrived amongst