Our mission is to advance literacy for the people of Prince Edward Island. Our vision is that all Islanders are able to participate fully in their family, work and community. We believe in a culture of literacy where literacy is a right, opens doors and creates opportunities. We believe learning should be barrier-free, life long, recognized and valued.

Learner Story: Terry Affleck

Learning to Read Later in LifeMy name is Terry Affleck and I learned to read at the age of 63 and today at 65 I am enrolled at Holland College to prepare for my GED.I started school in a “one room” classroom which was very common in small ru


Learner Story: Deb Sioen

Deb Sioen is a mother of two.  She graduated with a general diploma from high school in 1985.  “Back then you could get a good paying job and work seemed more important than school.” says Deb.Soon after graduating she realized her options were limit