2017 Gary Mason Learner Achievement Award Recipient

“I was never a good student in high school,” says Krista. “I was more interested in socializing and meeting new friends than I was in going to class. Education wasn’t important to me even though I had been preached to my whole life that it is.”

As people Krista knew graduated from college and went on to get good jobs, she became frustrated with her situation. “There I was, stuck on social assistance. I watched everybody I grew up with graduate and move on with their lives, and it really affected me. It made me want to get up and do something for myself. I started with education.” Krista enrolled in the GED program at the Halifax Community Learning Network, and she says it is the best decision she could have made.

“After passing four sections of the GED, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a Veterinary Assistant. I applied for a program and now attend four days a week. We are studying medical terminology which is like learning another language. This time next year I should have my diploma and be a graduate of the Vet Assistant Program.”

Krista’s GED instructor says she is an excellent choice for the Gary Mason Learner Achievement Award. “I can’t recommend Krista strongly enough for this award. She truly put in a lot of effort this year and was a great role model to the others in the class in terms of attitude and dedication.”

Read Krista’s NSPGI award acceptance speech      VIDEO

“Adult learning finally gave me the tools I need to make my dreams come true. I thank everyone that helped guide me through. The support is amazing! ” ~ Krista Marryatt


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