2016 Gary Mason Achievement Award

Hakim left his family in Sudan due to war there. He travelled through many countries in Africa seeking peace and stability, and eventually arrived in Ghana in 2011 where he spent almost four years in a refugee camp.

After a long process, Hakim was able to immigrate to Nova Scotia in 2015. “I found a job, but faced so many difficulties communicating with people in my workplace that I asked my caseworker about going to school.” Hakim attended the Bedford School for six weeks. “My teacher encouraged me to go to the Cunard Learning Centre. I am now in Level III at Cunard and I am able to understand what people say and respond to them confidently.”

Hakim’s instructor says he is a leader in the classroom and never hesitates to help other classmates when needed. “His positive attitude, academic and social abilities, and his story of success create a combination that will inspire others to strive for higher learning.”

Read Hakim’s NSPGI award acceptance speech

“I see many changes in me from when I began school! I believe if we are all educated, the world will be a better place to live! ” ~ Hakim Ibrahim


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