Joseph Boyden and Alison Gzowski at Emerald Hills, ON June 2009 Good Game: An Epic of Miniature Proportions Alternatively titled: Reading the Green, in Order to Fulfill the Requirements of Somehow Tying in Literacy with Golf as Demanded by the Organizing... read more

The Briars, I hadn’t ever been here before, But last night I learned about Shelagh’s underwear drawer. As the evening wore on and people got “moister”, We sang along with Molly and danced to Prairie Oyster. I collected all the evidence, mostly cir... read more

(sung to the tune of “Waltzing Matilda,” the unofficial Australian national anthem) Once a jolly long driver sat astride his Yamaha, Under the shade of an old oak tree, And he sang as he sat and waited for a ball to hit, “Andrew’s come a-golfing f... read more

Poet Laureate – Bryan Mudryk Twas the night before curling… I was having some wine… Thinking… man those Frontier ladies are fine!!! I got up at 7… Grabbed my broom… And a beer… Hoping it would make my skipping more clear… I arrived amongst... read more

The CanLearn Society is proud to share the successes of our PGI Learner Award winner Keith MacDuff. Keith struggled with school and learning and as with many youth in his situation he found himself involved with a rough crowd and potentially heading down ... read more

The CanLearn Society is proud to share the story of our PGI Learner Award winner Amber Clarke. When Amber started the 6th grade her teacher identified that she was having difficulties with her reading and making the transition between learning to read and... read more

Taken from – Fredericton Daily Gleaner. Written by Lori Gallagher. March 13, 2015 Between his impressive NHL career and his time in politics, Ken Dryden is a name most people in Canada recognize. Now the Hall of Fame goaltender is coming to Freder... read more

Kayla Soule  is the recipient of the 2013 PGI Canada Learner Achievement Award. For Kayla, the motivation to improve her skills was clear – every single door that would open to her in the future had ‘secondary grads only’ written on it! She rea... read more