How and Why I Returned to School I believe the most important thing I have learned since I left school with a grade nine education is how important my education should have been to me. I should have taken my education more seriously and completed school... read more

How and Why I Returned to School Leigh Chaisson is the winner of The Co-operators Learner Achievement Award presented each year at the PGI Golf Tournament for Literacy. Here is the essay he submitted with his application for the award. My name is Leigh... read more

Returning to School Making the decision to return to school has been one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences of my life. I have to admit I was afraid that I could not do the work. My past experience with school had not been a positive one. F... read more

“Better Late Than Never” is my new motto in life. This new way of looking at life has become my attitude since I decided to return to school three years ago. It was a decision I’ll never regret and its benefits sure outweigh its hardships… REA... read more

Frontier College Goes Back to the Mines When Frontier College was founded in 1899, the mission was to increase people’s knowledge all over the country, wherever they were located. One of the earliest populations to benefit from Alfred Fitzpatrick... read more

A poem written and presented by Shelagh Rogers at the Haida Gwaii PGI. This poem was transcribed from her presentation, which can be viewed on youtube at We are welcomed to Haida Gwaii with a paddle song, Ancient words ... read more

NS PGI 2009 Shelagh Rogers Poet Laureate To sum up this day in a poem Would really take more of a tome. For it was a day that was blessed And perhaps should be left UN-expressed. But that would be such a big cop-out So no, I will not do an opt-out. But th... read more

Lyrics by: Stephen Maguire Please don’t say that I’m not good enough, you don’t know me that well Ever wondered why the smile on my face has disappeared today You’ll never make anything of yourself the English teacher said I never listened I think... read more

Peter Gzowski Golf Tournament 2007 I got a call the other day To find my irons, join the fray So like a flash, I gathered brands Rafters, bars and oyster cans I drove the truck to Willow range But that’s when everything got strange For they weren’t se... read more

I hold your creamy face in my hand so mild And I am mesmerized by each and every dimple I swear that today I will drive you wild But we know, my love that it is not that simple I smile and place you gently, on your favorite resting place A simple bed for ... read more